This MBA course aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the concepts of strategy, strategic decision, strategic innovation and disruptive innovation and to illustrate how they are connected with competitive advantage and value creation in companies. 

During the course, the main tools and frameworks used to support strategic decision making will be presented, including tools for external analysis, internal analysis, SWOT, the business model canvas, portfolio analysis matrix. 

Given the importance that innovation plays in strategy formulation today, the course will also focus on the connections between innovation (and, in particular, strategic innovation) and competitive advantage, and it will provide frameworks and practical suggestions about how the most successful companies today manage innovation for sustained competitive advantage. 

The course will include a number of case study presentation and discussion, through which the tools illustrated during the lectures will be applied and understood in more detail.

What you will learn

Day 1

  • Introduction to core strategy concepts, 
  • Key dimensions of corporate and business strategy
  • Strategy making process
  • Case studies & Guest speakers

Day 2

  • Internal and External Strategy Analysis 
  • Alternatives generation, business model canvas & strategy roadmapping 
  • Case studies & Guest speakers

100% online

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